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Posted by on Sep 1, 2012 in News

TYFA – Gold Rush 2009 Program

Gender Identity Center of Colorado
Gold Rush 2009
Renaissance Hotel
Denver CO
Lisa Gilinger Lisa Gilinger
TYFA Speakers Bureau

Gold Rush is presented by the Gender Identity Center of Colorado. This this year they created a dedicated track in which families worked together with credible and experienced professionals. The families also had opportunities to share experiences and ideas. There was a cross-section of young folks who had the opportunity to share time with each other and see that perhaps they are not alone in their experiences. The value of this was apparent, but the value to parents who had never had face to face contact with other parents facing the same challenges was equally apparent. Friendships were forged and mutual respect was evident as the parents shared experienceswith and support for the particular challenges that parents face. These were the foundations of this year’s Gold Rush Conference.  

Workshop: Who, How, and When To Tell

We met in an informal round table setting. A laptop and PowerPoint presentation provided the focal point for our discussion. It was an intimate setting in a more than adequate conference room. We gathered around. It was clear from the start that this group of parents, children and allies were experienced in the issues surrounding disclosure, the methods that have worked for them and the impacts of disclosure on their families, and the communities they live in. We shared our successes and concepts that could serve us best when faced with the need to disclose the gender status of a child.

The resources that TYFA provides to make disclosure easier were presented, discussed and brought into focus within the group’s experience. As I noted, this was a group of families that had a great depth of experience to share. This made for a very dynamic and informative discussion.

Workshop: Creating Positive Media Experiences

Most of the participants that made our Who, How, and When presentation so enjoyable and informative stayed with us stayed with us for our Creating Positive Media Experiences presentation. It just as dynamic, thoughtful and interactive as our preceding workshop. In our group were parents and children who had engaged with major media outlets, been featured as segments of television shows, and had had their lives flashed across broadcast news outlets and in print media. We discussed the ways we could minimize the impacts of lurid sensationalism and sexualization, while maximizing the educational opportunities that media contact can provide.

Lisa C. Gilinger
Speakers’ Bureau, TYFA