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Posted by on Sep 1, 2012 in News

TYFA BLOG – Investing In Our Future



Philly Fundraiser
GOAL: $5000
Raised so far:
Kim Pearson, Executive Director Kim Pearson
Executive Director

April 29, 2009 –In June TYFA Board Members (Kim, Shannon, Amy, and Hawk) will be at the Philadelphia TransHealth Conference. This annual conference is the most well attended in the Nation by transgender children and their families and as such we are significantly invested in providing a wide variety of quality workshops. We need your financial support to ensure that we will have adequate resources to fund both this conference (est. $4,000) AND the demand for our school training workshops (est. $10,000) that typically peak in August, September and October.

Just look at the amazing workshops we have developed for the conference:

-From Toddlers to Teens: Creating Developmentally Appropriate Support for Gender Variant/Transgender Youth.

FOR PARENTS (and others):
-Creating Positive Media Experiences
-Minimizing the Top Ten Fears of Raising a Transgender/Gender Variant Child
-Finding Your Voice: Moving From Accepting Parent to Successful Advocate
-Puberty Blockers 101

-Stop and Start Safety

All non-profits seem to be facing economic challenges, but not many are as unique as TYFA. We are an ALL VOLUNTEER organization (no salaries!); we don’t rent office space and have very little overhead. We do not have any grant or endowment funding. Our dedicated board members and staff pay MANY of their own expenses to do this work.

WE RELY TOTALLY ON CONTRIBUTIONS FROM FOLKS LIKE YOU to support these children and their families…the kind of support many in the GLBT community wish they had growing up!

What is more important than investing in the future of a child? Together WE CAN make this world a better place for the next generation; TYFA is doing it every day.

Please help us continue to provide vital educational services to schools, families and communities…MAKE A DONATION TODAY!