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Testimonial from Franklin College


Franklin College
Franklin, Indiana

May 9, 2009

Dear Kim,

I want to thank you once again for speaking to my class (and interested others) about transgender realities.  The class has exposed students to many worlds that tend to be invisible in our mainstream culture.  You introduction to the world of transgender youth was clearly the biggest eye-opener for them.  I suspect they would not have been nearly as open to reading about this in a book or article.  Your personal stories made an extremely powerful impression.  Comments like “the most interesting speaker we had,” “insightful, brought another world alive,” show the impact you had.  My only regret is that we didn’t have more time.

What I appreciate so much and what makes you presentation so powerful is your passion and mother’s love which opens the heart of even the most resistant listener.

  •   your first-hand knowledge that is able to put a face on every aspect of what you talk about,
  • your experiences with your own son, sharing how you and your family developed in different ways as this “new reality” came to life over years of caution, compassion and openness to what you had never imagined,
  • your numerous experiences helping other families through their own struggles, each different in so many ways.
  • your working with schools to understand and develop very concrete strategies to minimize very specific problems you have learned to avoid through past experiences and they often have no idea about so they can better accept trans youth.

I have been thinking how to get you back to campus.  Since I’m on the Convocations Committee, I think this will be a great start, getting your message out to the whole campus community next time.  I will be in touch.


Dr. David H. Chandler
Professor of Philosophy
Franklin College
101 Branigin Blvd
Franklin, IN  46131