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Testimonial from Visalia Unified School District



PDF: Testimonial from Visalia Unified School District

June 1, 1010
To Whom It May Concern:

Board of Education

“Raising Expectations”

This letter is to express our appreciation for the involvement and support of TransYouth Family Allies and Executive Director Kim Pearson in our school district this year.

During the late winter of this school year I was contacted by an elementary school principal informing me that the parents of a primary grade student were preparing to assist their child in making a gender transition. Prior to that time we had no experience with transgender issues at the elementary school level. These parents referred us to Kim Pearson as a person who might be able to help us better understand the challenges faced by their family.

One phone call to Ms. Pearson led to a conference call including several district officials. We were unanimous in our belief that Kim was indeed a person with whom we could do business. Several comments made by Kim during these phone calls inspired our confidence, not the least of which was, “Our goal is to keep your school district out of the national media.”

We arranged for Kim to come to our community this spring to support the family of our gender- variant student and to provide professional development to our school staff and selected district administrators. Kim’s input was invaluable in helping us to understand the many nuances to be considered when schools seek to provide for the rights and interests of all concerned.

We, like most school districts, have “gender variant” students in our classrooms. We now better understand their needs and the challenges faced by their families. Our association with Kim Pearson of TransYouth Family Allies has been nothing but positive. I would be happy to provide further insight into our experience if contacted.


Douglas Bartsch
Area Superintendent, Elementary Schools and Curriculum