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Degrassi Trans-Teen Episodes Available Online

TeenNick Channel
Makes Degrassi Trans-Teen Episodes Available Online

Jordan Todosey as "Adam"For the first time, ever, a long-running, respected television series has dealt with the topic of transgender teens.  The Degrassi episodes, “My Body Is a Cage,” parts 1 and 2, has tackled the sensitive topic of a female to male transwoman in a high school environment.

Adam’s gender identity accidentally becomes known.  How the discovery is handled by his classmates, his teachers, the school administrators, his brother and his parents is presented in a realistic manner as everyone tries to resolve Adam’s reality with their own preconceptions.

Videos are available for viewing online at TeenNick.  Click on “Full Episodes” and select “My Body is a Cage, Part 1” and “My Body is a Cage Part 2