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School Media Guidelines

School Media Guidelines

Although it is uncommon for the media to become aware of a gender variant student, it does happen on occasion.  Based on our experience with schools all over the United States, TYFA recommends having in place a plan that includes the following guidelines to assist in minimizing any adverse effects that media attention could have on the learning environment at your school.

  1. Have one spokesperson. Staff should be instructed to direct parents and media to the designated spokesperson only. (Typically the superintendent, Principal or a Public Relations Officer)
  2. There should be absolutely no comment from other staff except to refer the inquiry to the spokesperson.
  3. Parents should be advised not to speak to the media.
  4. The spokesperson should have a prepared statement that never deviates.


Example 1: “We at XYZ Elementary School are committed to providing a safe and enriching environment for all students.  Every effort has been made to ensure that we accomplish this goal.”

Example 2: “We don’t discuss or disclose any student’s private information.”


You should contact TYFA immediately if:

  1. You are contacted by any media outlet. (One story typically leads to another)
  2. If news crews show up at your school.

Note: It has been our experience that when you do not comment beyond the recommended statement there ceases to be a “story” and the media will back off.

TYFA may be reached at , by calling 1-888-462-8932 toll free or by emailing .