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TransParent Journeys



Inspiring stories and blogs written by or about families with transgender children often will come to our attention. They have appeared under the “TYFA News” or “What’s New?” banners, and then have disappeared into the archives. TYFA has decided to place such articles into a dedicated section devoted to helping parents share their journeys and lighten their loads. Send your story to us for possible inclusion.



Experiences raising a transgender child: “It is my hope that in sharing our uncommon journey through this blog, it will help families in the same situation find solace, and for society at large to discover acceptance for people who really are just like you and me.

GirlyBoyMomma’s Blog

This is the story of one child’s path to acceptance, as seen through the eyes of her mother. I am the mother of a “girl of truth,” a child who has the soul of a girl in a body of a boy.

Parenting the Transgender Teen

Transgender people and the folks who love them are starting to network because knowledge is power. We just want to pass on some of what we’ve learned.

It’s Hard to Be Me

Parenting and Loving Our Gender Fluid Child – This is about the journey we are on raising and loving a gender fluid child – Anneke. We collectively share her/his story to support other parents and children on this couragous journey with us.

My Kennedy’s Story

You probably know Candice. This is her blog about allowing her gender variant child to present and live as a boy. She, too, only recently started this blog.

Helping Her Find Her Way Home

Dana just recently started writing about her decision to allow her teen Jamie to transition to female. They’ve already begun hormone blockers, but the complexities of Jamie not being allowed to present as her true self yet are discussed openly. Dana is a great writer and nearly always responds to comments from others.

Today You Are You

The story of young Hope, a MTF trans girl under 10 who was allowed to transition. Her mother writes touching posts every single time.

Cammie’s Song

Christina chronicles her experiences with raising her preteen, Cammie, a MTF trans girl.

Lori’s Revival

Where Lori most frequently share stories as a trans parent as well as relay news and info about trans children in the media.


Lori’s blog deals with her experiences as an adult transwoman and her relationships with her children, parents of T-children, and the world as a whole: “[This is] my own story where I focus on experiences of life in a household with a parent who is trans. The interactions between my children and me are the main highlights of this blog.”

Trans Parent Day

A resource for both transgender parents and parents of transgender children.

Maintained by the father of two children, one of whom is gender-non-conforming: “As a straight, white, ‘professional,’ male father of an intact family, with two boys, one gender non-conforming, one not, I have felt called upon to speak for the community of accepting parents from this position of empathy with more conventional families. I speak to the straight, heterosexual majority as one of them. I speak to the homophobic and the transphobic as one who was, at one time, both of those things.”

Dangling Possibilities

Meg C., the mother of a transgender child, maintains this Blog Journal. She invites comments from and interaction with other parents in situations similar to hers.

Fabulous: ‘My longed for little girl will soon be my son

Discovering her teenage daughter was desperate to be a boy was only the start of a soul-searching journey for Jacky Jones. This is her family’s emotional story.

Lori’s Revival: “I Wish I Was a Girl!” – A Day About Trans Kids

“Dennis the birthday boy is about to blow out the birthday candles surrounded by friends and family, the mother says, “Go ahead, make a wish and blow out the candles!” Dennis’ eyes light up and right before he blows he exclaims, “I WISH I WAS A GIRL!”