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Before the founding of TYFA, information about transgender people in general and transgender children in particular was limited. In the intervening years many therapists, respected institutions, individual researchers, and even the parents of transgender kids have amassed a large body of information on the topic.  In this area, we’ve gathered many of the most relevant research efforts to help parents and families understand their trans-children and help other researchers.


New research is constantly being added regarding the transgender child in the educational environment.  This section is devoted to helping parents, teachers, administrators and the student thrive within the school experience.


How are families dealing with the fact that they have a transgender child in the family?  How about neighbors, the people at church or other social venue? Research into personal interaction is covered in this section.


What are the causes of transsexuality?  Research into brain function is constantly reinforcing the growing truth that transgender is a natural condition.


The greatest body of research extant involves the psychological aspects of transgender.  How does one cope with the recognition of one’s own transgender condition?  How does one cope with transgenderism in someone with whom he or she is socially connected?  This is research into the functioning of the mind.