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Understanding Through Education, K-12




TransYouth Family Allies is the only National non-profit organization that educates and advocates exclusively for gender variant children and transgender youth. As such, we have unparalleled expertise and experience to draw on when partnering with educational institutions. We have worked with hundreds of schools and organizations, in every type of political climate, all over the United States. This extensive experience allows us to anticipate many of your concerns and to effectively address those that will come up due to your unique environment. The topics listed below are only an overview, but if you do not see something you would like to be certain is covered please let us know and we will customize the presentation to meet your needs.

  • Training by a Professional TYFA Certified Speaker. TYFA consults with top national experts in the field of gender variance and transgender children. when preparing their training materials (Dr. Norman Spack, MD, Dr. Johanna Olson, MD, Moonhawk River Stone, M.S., LMHC, Dr. Michele Angello, Ph.D., Asaf Orr, Esq.)
  • Learning the Lingo (handout)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (handout)
  • HIPPA and FERPA privacy (Question/Answer handout)
  • Transition – Social vs. Medical
  • Benefits and Challenges of childhood transition
  • Myths, Facts and Statistics
  • In depth question and answer session including ‘what if scenarios’ and role playing opportunities.
  • Printed resources and materials
  • Media advice (media guidelines for schools handout)
  • Unlimited telephone follow-up and support with a TYFA Advocate.Requirements to present the program:
  • 60-90 minutes for a comprehensive introduction to gender variant and transgender concepts (entire staff)
  • 30-45 minutes for follow-up session(s) with teachers and counselors directly involved with a gender variant or transgender student
  • A projector that connects to a laptop and projects the monitor image on the wall or screen.
  • Electrical access for our laptop and the projector (internet access is not needed).
  • We provide master copies for our handouts and request that you make the collated copies for your staff.
  • A room to accommodate the large and small group sessions which provides adequate privacy due the topics being discussed.
  • A suggested donation to TransYouth Family Allies, Inc. (an IRS 501(c)3 non-profit organization) services above and beyond expenses of $250 per hour or $750.

The actual total cost for providing this training session is roughly $1,200.00 to $1,800.

Federal Tax I.D. number provided upon request for your records.

References for TYFA’s professional training and consulting:

Johanna Olson, MD
Director, Adolescent Medicine Fellowship
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics
Keck School of Medicine, USC
(323) 361-2153

Douglas Bartsch
Area Superintendent
Elementary Schools and Curriculum
Visalia Unified School District
559.730.7515 or 559.730.7517

Asaf Orr, Esq.
Staff Attorney
Learning Rights
(213) 489-4030

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