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Intake survey


We need your participation!

Attention parents, grandparents and caregivers of gender variant and transgender children (under 18):

TYFA is sponsoring an online survey to gather statistical information about our children and families. Your participation is confidential and anonymous. You may answer as many or as few questions you are comfortable with.The intention of the survey is to gather data from parents, grandparents or primary caregivers of gender variant and transgender children under the age of 18. This would include children who identify as transgender, both genders, a third gender or neither gender. We hope to include a broad section of children with gender expression that is perceived as ‘different’ from their assigned birth sex.

From this survey we hope to gather information regarding the prevalence of families dealing with gender expression difference, the age of onset, if any type of social or medical transition has been undertaken, etc.

One of the obstacles TYFA often faces in our educational workshops is the lack of statistics to support the work we are doing. The data gathered will enable us to publish more current and accurate information about our children and families as well as support our requests for more formal/comprehensive studies.

You can find the link to the survey at the bottom of this page. Please forward the survey link to families with gender ‘different’ children, organizations, counselors, medical practitioners, social service personnel or anyone who may come in contact with these children/families. The broader the response the more useful the data gathered will be.

Thank you so much for sharing this important project with others.

Click here to complete survey